• Mera Hathaway

Forced bi...

Do you enjoy or fantasize about forced bi? For some it is the ultimate secret fantasy. What does another man feel like?...what would it be like to have a cock in my mouth..the taste..the feel?

Unable to tell your girlfriend/wife and not willing to make a move on a man and even in slight mental discomfort for having such desires and thoughts (you are a straight man!)...

How will you ever feed this burning sexual fantasy? You can't put it off any longer

I am planning on holding a day of Forced Bi. Where you will have no choice to take another man as you MUST always and only ever do what I tell you to do.

I have three good looking, fit slaves who will be my tools during the session.

Are you prepared for when I force you suck his cock whilst you are strapped down....?

I will post an update on this but send me an email if this particularly creates a twinge xx

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