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London & More

I had an amazing time on my London Tour with Jasmine last month. We were busy with appointments with our lovely Southern clients and then busy enjoying London in the evening having food and drinks. The apartment we rented in Kensington was ideal. Beautifully decorated and discrete. I may consider using that location again next time. Do let me know if you have any comments on location.

We plan to return to London at the end of October. You are welcome to contact me now to discuss and reserve your place early. Advertisement of the Tour will go out end of September.

The Chambers where I am based in Manchester now has a new white dungeon room. Still being filled but ready for use, I will have fun with my subs in this room. Its perfect for a sterile/medical scenario as well as dark dungeon activities.

So what have I been up to recently...whilst last month I had a lot of FB, the last few weeksI have been enjoying a lot of suffocation/breath play sessions. Hand over mouth or gas mask, they have been a lot of fun. I have a number of CBT booked in, which is always a pleasure.

I will keep you update on any planned shoots or videoing. I am planning on making some clips in the near future.

Love and leave you for now xx

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