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VIP Page and Custom Clips etc

I am in the process of having my site updated. I want to add a VIP page for all my subs to have access to additional photos, videos and info which is for VIP eyes only. All you need to do is subscribe to my site to receive these additional treats for free.

I have been interested in making clips for a while. I will upload these for sale on my site and other directories. I will also make custom clips for individual request. I am excited to get started as I have so many ideas of fetish scenarios I want to cover.

I may ask for volunteers nearer the time who are prepared to be video and used during the filming process.

Do contact me if you are interested in either of the above and let me have any ideas you have which would be of particularly enjoyable viewing.

My photoshoot is next week. My website will be updated with some fresh photos. I love having a photoshoot and Purpletog is great. You will appreciate my current pictures which Purpletog took are good. Miss Jasmine and Suzannah Maxwell will also be there for the shoot so hopefully we will have time for some double shots. Keep your eyes peeled.

I haven't had much time to blog but will try and spend more time in the week on this. Particularly as I have a lot planned for the New Year - more Tours across the UK (and hopefully abroad), fetish party events to attend and learning new skills.

Exciting times ahead. Make sure you are there to join me.

With love to all my loyal subs xxxxxx

#mistressmera #slavetraining #fetish #clips

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