• Mera Hathaway

Shushh...lets talk about Hard Sports!

So lets talk about hard sports aka scat. Scat for those who don't know is a slang term for "coprophilia, fecophilia, facalphilia or coproglagnia." It is a paraphilia (sexual arousal) involving sexual pleasure through human feces.

Whether it covers the face/body or is eaten...the demands for this delicacy are on the increase! I have received many requests which I have previously turned away. Not because I am opposed to it, just for practical and ability reasons. I would not want to promise, then be unable to deliver! Settling with and completely loving water sports, I put the idea on the shelf, until recently...

I am now considering offering this to my list. The more I am asked, the more curious I am becoming. The excitement and lust in the voice of potential Subs when discussing their need for scat is just fascinating and empowering. There could be no better way for a Sub to completely surrender to me and/or be totally humiliated, other than through the act of scat.

I intend give this activity more thought and practice it. Investment in a toilet box to ensure a nice tidy session takes place will be necessary...I like my sessions to be perfect (if you would like to assist in obtaining a toilet box contact me).

Are you interested? From experience Subs are either very open and embrace their scat fetish, almost begging to eat my shit. Then there are those who feel embarrassed or even ashamed of their desire. If scat turns you on and you are enjoying this Blog - do not be embarrassed. I relish in knowing that the you can reveal your inner desires to me, as your Mistress.

We all know about plating (licking anus). So we are clear - this will NOT be included. Plating of my ass is reserved completely.

Final practical question - is it safe? Feces contains mainly healthy bacteria from the colon. Provided I am healthy/have no tummy bugs - it will be fine to cover you and for you to sample a small amount.

I would like to hear your views on this subject - Is this your fetish? What was your experience like?

I will update my Blog again on this subject soon. A future post of a new toilet box may well be a clue to you that sessions have started!

Mera xx

[NOTE - I am not a medical physician and therefore provide information from my own research. Please do your own research or ask a medical expert if you have any queries. I will not be held responsible for your health]

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