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Sissification (Feminisation)

I love my Sissies and enjoy my time with them very much. It is always a fun and very sensual session. I have been asked for information as to what is involved a number of times so I have put together a brief Q&A. If you are new to Sissification and interested in having a session, this may assist you. Do feel free to message me with any specific questions if there is anything I haven't touched.

What is it? Sissification is the switching of gender role of a male submissive by a Mistress.

How is the switch done? The switching is achieved by dressing my sub in female items such as lingerie, dresses, shoes and finished off with hair and make up (cross-dressing). This takes place in my pink sissy room which is stocked with lots of items to chose from and in various sizes. Most of my sissies are good girls, with a very naughty, very slutty side - so slutty underwear is often hidden under that pretty dress. Tight latex, PVC or leather I save for my really dirty sluts. My Sissies are given a suitable feminine name which is referred to throughout...what will yours be?

What happens next? My Sissy is expected to adopt the feminine manner such as walking nicely in heels, be able to courtesy and sit nicely. Also being able to move those hips and maintain good posture, like a lady. This often difficult at first as it takes practice and but is ultimately achieved. Some of my Sissies become House Maids and are provided with a list chores which may include cleaning (mopping, polishing etc), washing my lingerie/latex by hand, making hot drinks and massaging my feet (which is always a treat).

What is expected? My Sissies are expected to be very polite, punctual and appeasing. My girls must do whatever I say - without question! They never request or demand anything, but appreciate whatever I decide upon. When doing chores a good Sissy/Maid knows how to become invisible - not getting in the way of myself or any person present, not being seen by other slaves (unless I request this) whilst silently and gratefully completing their tasks

What do I do with my Sissies/happens in a session? My Sissies are sometimes punished if they have misbehaved or to remind them they must remain focused on pleasing me. This could be by hand spanking or caning that cute bare bottom - which I enjoy so often do just for fun! Whether my Sissy has been a good or bad girl , I may force her worship my Strap-On, an activity which she becomes desperate for (especially if that bottom is plugged!)

The fun I can have with my dirty girls is much more varied and extensive than described and I would have to write a very long essay to attempt to cover it all. This blog is to provide you with a succinct outline to provide you with a general idea - to quench that curiosity thats plaguing you.

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