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New Blogs - Do you have any questions?

My Subs,

I am back on the blog!

I am in the process of writing new blogs as I realise I have fallen behind on my updates. I am actually shocked at just how long ago the last one was! Mistress has been a busy bee - as many of you may know.

However, the writing has begun and whilst I'm am planning my topics I thought I would invite you to message me with any questions/queries/topics you would like me to cover. This would be great as I am always keen to know what my subs are thinking or even worrying about and I am more than happy to provide as much information on that subject as I can.

I am literally spilling over the page and am excited to start blogging. I intend to publish a new blog every Sunday (possible additions during the week).

I look forward to hearing from you and your kinky queries.x

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