• Mistress Mera of Manchester



I am are often asked, by my curious novice subs, what the term ‘slave-training’ actually means and involves; whether it will include activities they enjoy and whether they will be made to suffer a lot of pain?


Slave training is a term used to describe a sub who wants to be completely dominated in a strict firm way. The activities that take place will depend on the category of slave you fall within and the ultimate ambition you have and wish to achieve as a slave for Mistress.

Slave-training is a generic term which covers a number of possible scenarios. The level of your commitment will depend on whether your training is with the focus of becoming an ‘owned’ or ‘collared’ slave or just ‘session’ slave.

The former have a close relationship with Mistress after proving themselves over a period of time (often 18/24 months). These slaves go over and beyond to please Mistress offering their assistance, providing gifts and being devoted totally to that one Mistress. These slaves ask permission to do activities within the BDSM community, if their Mistress isn’t attending herself or not. As a result of their loyalty and devotion, they will have the privilege of engaging in activities with their Mistress outside of the dungeon - such as attending events, being included on photoshoots or going for dinner. These slaves will push their limits in session and allow Mistress do do whatever she wants with their bodies (whilst a safe word is still always in place). The owned/collared slave does not make requests for certain activities during the session. Therefore the reference to being ‘owned’ and ‘collared’ clearly speaks for itself - the devotion to one Mistress, the awarding to the slave of his own personal collar which is almost the equivalent of a band. Some slaves go further with their devotion and receive branding or a tattoo of their Mistress’ name on their body. This is the ultimate slave position and any slave reaching this place has proved total devotion, truly embraced his fetish nature and surrendered himself into the world of BDSM.

The later ’session’ slave, will attend purely for a session and have no real interaction thereafter or during the period between the next session. If you are new to the scene this could be where you start and possibly remain until you meet a Mistress you feel you have a connection with and trust. You will know when this happens as you will be unable to think about any other Mistress but her and will simply want to do anything to please her. However, if that doesn’t happen it is fine to drop in and out of session and enjoy the experience of slave-training without feeling that you have to commit to a Mistress. The feeling of being put into a collar and totally dominated is the scenario a lot of subs want. Only a few slaves become ‘owned’, so do not feel any pressure to live up to this level of commitment or expectation. A a session slave you will have requests for certain activities to take place during the session and hard limits can be expresses.

There are subs want to be a ‘domestic/personal slave’ which involves doing cleaning, shopping, cooking, driving etc for Mistress. There are subs who like to live with a Mistress or attend her home/dungeon and provide domestic services. This type of servitude I do not offer or require at my home, however cleaning chores could be carried out in the dungeon where I work in Manchester (any additional time in the dungeon cleaning is something earn’t after a period of time).You must understand that there is an element of trust and reliability required here so to call a Mistress you have never met and ask to clean her house is simply quite ridiculous and annoying. There are Mistresses who want domestic slaves - all you can do is ask and be ready to prove yourself worthy first. Quite often ‘owned’ slaves duties extend to domestic chores but as stated, they have proved themselves already and their Mistress may come to rely on them to complete certain tasks.


Being a ‘slave’ for your Mistress is all about servitude. Doing everything you can to please her. This will initially involve you learning particular positions which you will be ordered to remain in - for example being on all fours with you head down. Unless you have health issues, you will be made to crawl on all fours. You will wear nothing but a collar & lead. You do not speak unless spoken to. Answer all questions politely always referring to Mistress - “Yes Mistress” “Thank you Mistress.” You should not even look at Mistress, unless given permission. Do what you are told with pleasure and be grateful for whatever you receive from your Mistress whether pleasurable or painful.

Any telephone communication will be succinct and non-intrusive. You will respect Mistress is busy and be patient. Any tribute will be prepared and handed to Mistress in n envelop immediately. You will follow any instructions making sure you listen carefully so as not to disturb Mistress unnecessarily.