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I would like to know your views on the changes to my website. Those of you sluts who have been regularly viewing of my site for a long time while have noticed the changes immediately. The back ground used to be black, with a picture box across the ABOUT and SESSIONS pages. The sites now white, with circle picture box on those pages if viewed from a laptop and large photos of me on each page.

I wanted a fresh look for the New Year as it had been the same, with the black background for the last 4 years. Whilst I loved it, it was feeling a little stale.

I always associated black and red with BDSM, so I took a leap going for the white background.

What do you think of the changes?

Do you like the white?

Is it easy to read (with photos in the background)?

Email me your views as the feedback will be very helpful with my decision as to whether to change it again soon.

Good Puppy

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