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I mainly cover topics within my blog about which I get asked a lot of questions and often the same questions time and time again. I have previously made a blog about ‘hard sports (or scat) SEE BELOW)), but within that Toilet Training bracket and what is a very popular activity - is ‘WATER SPORTS’. So given the level of its popularity and the number of questions, I have prepared this blog. I always aim to make my blogs informative, as well as amusing and to provide you with as much information as possible including all the pros/cons so you are fully informed. If you have been curious, I hope this blog will help you understand the nature of watersports.

So, what is watersports? The answer speaks for itself right! Of course it does. It is seems pretty obvious to most of you. But for the novices out there, I know you probably would not totally agree.

In brief, watersports is the action of urinating over a sub. The urinating over the body of a sub is what is referred to as the ‘golden shower’ and 'toilet training' - a very special treat to receive Mistress’ champagne. This act could be over the sub’s body, face and/or both as he lay on the floor. Some Mistresses may use a bathtub or other piece of equipment to ensure a tidy shower is provided. I often have had my subs sit in the shower or lay in a bath when I am on tour, it is a great way to end a session and means less cleaning! The dungeon where I work in Manchester doesn’t have have a bath but I either lay my sub on a towel or put him in the shoer.

Watersports more often includes the actual consumption of the urine - straight into the mouth of the sub. The advanced sub my have his mouth gagged open and even a funnel placed into his mouth to ensure all urine is consumed. Or this could be from a glass/bowl.

A sub will be made to lay with his head locked inside a toilet box. One of my subs has bought his own toilet box which I store just for his sessions. The dungeon where I work in Manchester has toilet boxes (have a look in my photos and my video to get a sneak peak at these). The use of a toilet box provides a more direct channel into the mouth and the great visual of it occurring as the Mistress will be seated closer to the subs face, as opposed to standing over him. I find my most desperate, dirty advanced toilet sluts love being in the toilet box. I actually have subs who spend hours lay on the floor with their head inside a toilet box waiting to be used like a real toilet. I drink lots of water to ensure he is completely downed and I invite my fellow Mistresses to use my human toilet too. I can tell you, my sub has the time of his life when this happens. His whole body and face will be covered and he will have recieved a real fill of his fetish for water sports - quenching his thirst literally.

A good additional treat to a sub receiving a golden shower is to include a topping of spit - this gets my subs super excited and even hornier. Some of my subs like to be made to drink it out of a glass or a dog bowl. This could be a way of showing devotion or form part of the humiliation he has to endure.

I have found that my subs fall into two categories, 1) the toilet slut whose session is focussed solely on that act (in the toilet box as explained above and 2) the sub who likes the dominating and humiliating act of water sports which will happen just once in a session (usually at the end). The second category vary in their level of toilet training, some like to drink and be totally covered, some want urine just over the body and not the face or to consume. If you have been thinking about trying water sports, do not worry, just a few drops over your chest is fine. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, you will have discussed this with your Mistress before the session and any hard limits (points which you don’t want to go beyond) will be noted and a a safe word established. All my sessions are tailored to the particular sub’s level.

Ultimately, you should embrace your curiosity and fetish desire. Do not be embarrassed or ashamed of it. I mean, Donald Trump has alluded to partaking in water sports! Like I said, it is very popular so you are not alone my horny little sub.

The Kink dictionary describes water sports as -