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Great News! I will be commencing real-time sessions from the 4th July!

This will be on a limited basis (reduced number of sessions per day/week) and with additional rules in place temporarily.

The days I will be providing real-time sessions are Monday to Wednesday between 10am and 5pm. Thursday and Friday between 10am to 9pm. I will only be accepting a limited amount of sessions per day between the set hours.

The rooms I use to play in will be fully disinfected after each session (which is also a reason for limited sessions).

The additional rules for our play are purely to take into account the continued need to be safe whilst covid is still an ongoing health issue. The rules are to protect you as well as myself and are unlikely to prevent us from having a fun time in session -

  1. Please do not book a session or is you are feeling unwell (develop a cough or temperature) or have felt unwell within the last 14 weeks prior to our session date.

  2. If you develop symptoms after booking, please let me know and we can rearrange your session. Any deposit paid will be transferred to the next booking.

  3. Hand sanitizer will be available for you on arrival and you will be asked to use.

  4. Face masks are welcome. Please bring yours. I will have spare clean masks for you if you don't have one. I will have a mask for myself.

  5. Very close contact during the session is not permitted i.e. face/face. I can still play with you from a step away.

  6. No Double Dom sessions until further notice.

  7. No interaction sessions (FB with sissy/slave) until further notice.

  8. I will not be spitting on you during the session.

  9. Worshipping of my feet/stockings and clothed face-sitting is restricted for the time being. Shoe/boot worship is permitted.

I do not see these rules impacting on the fun we will have in session. I know exactly what to do with you, that you won't miss any of the above. Waiting for what is excluded is just something for you to look forward to in the next month or so.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the session you would like and I will be happy to discuss the activities you enjoy.

I am looking forward to playing, ruining and controlling you. My regular slaves - I know how desperate you are. New slaves - you are welcome.


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